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The IRS, along with state tax authorities, continues to advance efforts to collect unpaid tax, penalties and interest.

Most often, the collection efforts of the IRS include the issuing of a tax lien and/or garnishing paychecks and bank accounts, vehicles and other personal or business property, including real estate. In the event that the taxpayer fails to cooperate with the IRS, the IRS may issue summons to obtain taxpayer records from third parties.

There are a variety of ways to stop IRS collections activities, including negotiating with the collections manager that is handling your case or seeking a collection due process or collection appeal process hearing. Both processes involve expedited conferences with the IRS Appeals Office to review decisions on liens, levies, seizures, and rejection or termination of installment agreements.

Several people who are indebted to the IRS typically end up owing state tax also. The state collection authorities are somewhat forceful in their collection efforts. However, their procedures are bound by tax law to offer relief to those who qualify.

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