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An abatement of penalties is a request to the IRS to remove certain penalties that were added to the taxpayer’s account for a particular year or multiple years. Under the Penalty Abatement program, PFC Tax Services can dispute the penalties that have built up and lower your debt. There are four different categories of assistance, including:

Reasonable Cause- Mistake made by the taxpayer, ignorance of law, a serious illness, or death.
Statutory Exceptions- Simple or complex legislative tax code changes.
Administrative Waivers- Undue hardship, fire, flood, natural disaster, bad legal/tax advice.
Correction of Service Error- Mistake made by the IRS.

Non-payment of penalties and interest can result in garnishment of your wages, placement of a levy or lien against your property, seizure of your assets, or even more serious penalties.

Our services have repeatedly proven successful in removing penalties for our clients by use of recent case law and statutes.


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